ATA Wood Flight Case for 76 Note Keyboards

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The Gator ATA Wood Flight Case for 76 Note Keyboards is constructed of heavy-duty plywood with a laminated exterior, reinforced ball corners, tongue & groove extrusion valance, and heavy-duty commercial grade plated hardware.  The recessed wheels and spring-loaded rubber-gripped handles make it easy to transport.

Inside you will find EVA Dur interior protection, with adjustable foam pads in the lid, and a unique wedge and block design for maximum interior customization.

This case is Made in the USA.

The interior dimensions are 51.25 x 18.00 x 6.00 in.

The outside dimensions are 58.46 x 22.05 x 8.86 in.

The product weight is 48.51 lbs.

Manufacturer Model UPC
Alesis QS8.1  
Alesis QS8.2  
Casio AT5 079767313869
Casio WK-110  
Casio WK-225 079767314040
Casio WK-6500 079767313845
Casio WK7500 079767313852
Casio WK-7500 079767313852
Casio YPG-225  
Clavia NORD STAGE 76  
CME UF70  
CME VX 7  
Hammond XK-1  
Hammond XK-2  
Hammond XK-3C 4939334667824
Ketron AUDYA 76  
Ketron SD5  
Ketron SD8  
Ketron Solton SD-1  
Ketron SX3000  
Korg Kronos 73 4959112081017
Korg M3-73 4959112053939
Korg PA2XPRO 4959112057029
Korg Pa3X 76 4959112081833
Korg SP-250 4959112041745
Korg SP-500  
Kurzweil K2600  
Kurzweil K2600S  
Kurzweil PC1SE  
Kurzweil PC3  
Kurzweil PC3K7 883793202819
Kurzweil PC3LE7 883793202529
Kurzweil SP2  
Kurzweil SP-76  
Nord Piano 88 834035000915
Nord Stage 2 HA76  
Nord Stage 2 HA88 834035000816
Nord Stage 2 SW73 834035001004
Nord STAGE 73  
Nord STAGE 76  
Nord STAGE 88  
Roland E60  
Roland EXR-7  
Roland FANTOM G7  
Roland FANTOM X7  
Roland FP-2  
Roland G-1000  
Roland JUNO STAGE 761294406472
Roland Jupiter 80 761294500804
Roland Jupiter-50 761294502310
Roland VA-76  
Roland VK-7  
Roland VK8 761294057933
Roland VR-700 761294401323
Roland VR760  
Roland XP80  
StudioLogic Acuna88  
StudioLogic Numa Nano 093018300071
StudioLogic VMK-176+ 093018200425
Yamaha 9000 Pro  
Yamaha DGX203  
Yamaha DGX230 086792880310
Yamaha MOTIF ES7  
Yamaha MOTIF XF7 086792941820
Yamaha MOTIF XS7  
Yamaha NP-V80 086792939469
Yamaha NP-V80 086792939469
Yamaha TYROS2  
Yamaha TYROS3  
Yamaha Tyros4 086792326368
Yamaha YPG225  
Yamaha YPG-235 086792880334

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