1780 Transport Case

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The Pelican 1780 Transport Case is made of durable polypropylene, with double throw EXL latches, stainless steel pins, and an automatic pressure equalization valve to balance the interior pressure while keeping the water out.  The EPDM o-ring provides a watertight seal.

This case has a completely detachable lid and a 50/50 lid-to-base ratio to make loading easy.

You can buy this Pelican case in Black or Desert Tan.

This product is Made in the USA.

Lifetime Guarantee.

The inside dimensions are 41.12 x 21.54 x 14.88 in, with a lid depth of 7.58 in and a base depth of 7.30 in.

The outside dimensions are 44.90 x 25.32 x 16.50 in.

The product weight is 49.00 lbs.

This case meets or exceeds STANAG 4280 / Def Stan 81-41 certifications.

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