1460EMS EMS Case

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The Pelican 1460EMS Case is made of durable polypropylene, with easy-to-open double throw EXL latches, stainless steel pins, and an automatic pressure equalization valve to balance the interior pressure while keeping the water out.  The polymer o-ring provides a water resistant seal.  The lid conveniently opens up to 180° for anti-roll stability when out in the field and the comfortable rubber over-molded handle makes carrying it a cinch!

This case has a lockable compartment for controlled substances and the adjustable tray dividers make customization easy.  It also includes a Sharps storage bracket and stainless steel hardware & padlock protectors.

You can buy this Pelican case in Black or Orange.

This product is Made in the USA.

Lifetime Guarantee.

The inside dimensions are 18.54 x 9.92 x 10.92 in, with a lid depth of 4.91 in and a base depth of 6.01 in.

The outside dimensions are 20.85 x 12.73 x 12.75 in.

The product weight is 18.20 lbs.

This case meets or exceeds IP66 certification and is NTOA Approved.

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