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406 UltraBox

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The Underwater Kinetics (UK) 406 UltraBox is constructed from high impact ABS, LEXAN, polyurethane rubber, and stainless steel making it great for protecting against water/moisture and dust.  The built-in pressure equalization valve makes it easy to open even after an altitude or temperature change.  The case is sealed with an o-ring and it comes with a lanyard.  You can get this case with either a clear lid, making it easy to view the contents, or with a solid lid to protect your equipment from the light.  This case is designed to be stackable.

This case has an optional nylon mesh lid pouch that’s perfect for storing small accessories.  It also has an optional removable rubber liner that will further protect any sensitive equipment from harm.  It’s designed to allow for the mounting of an electronic panel either in the lid or in the bottom of the case.

This product is Made in the USA.

The inside dimensions are 5.50 x 3.50 x 3.60 in, with a lid depth of 0.60 in and a base depth of 3.00 in.

The outside dimensions are 6.70 x 4.70 x 3.90 in.

The product weight is 0.50 lbs.

This case meets or exceeds IP67 enclosure protection certification.

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