ATA Wood Flight Case to fit Most Slim 88 Note Keyboards

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The Gator ATA Wood Flight Case to fit Most Slim 88 Note Keyboards is constructed of heavy-duty plywood with a laminated exterior, reinforced ball corners, tongue & groove extrusion valance, and heavy-duty commercial grade plated hardware.  The recessed wheels and spring-loaded rubber-gripped handles make it easy to transport.

Inside you will find EVA Dur interior protection, with adjustable foam pads in the lid, and a unique wedge and block design for maximum interior customization.

This case is Made in the USA.

The interior dimensions are 59.00 x 15.00 x 6.00 in.

The outside dimensions are 61.00 x 17.00 x 7.75 in.

The product weight is 53.90 lbs.

Manufacturer Model UPC
Akai MPK88 825213002401
Alesis FUSION 8HD  
Casio 140  
Casio 140S  
Casio P70  
Casio P70S  
Casio PS20  
Clavia NORD STAGE 88  
CME UF80  
CME VX 8  
Kawai EP3Kawai 889406165144
Kawai ES6  
Korg M50-88 4959112066779
Korg PA1X PRO  
Korg S170s  
Korg SP170 4959112080959
Korg SP-300  
Korg TR88  
Korg TRITON LE 88  
Kurzweil PC-1X  
Kurzweil PC-1XL  
Kurzweil PC2X  
Kurzweil PC3K8 883793202710
Kurzweil PC3LE8 883793202628
Kurzweil PC3X  
Kurzweil PC88  
Kurzweil SP2X  
Kurzweil SP2XS 883793400116
Kurzweil SP3X  
Kurzweil SP4-8 883793302618
Kurzweil SP-88X  
M-Audio PRO88  
Roland FP-4  
Roland FP4BK  
Roland FP4C-BK  
Roland FP4C-WT  
Roland FP-4F 761294500743
Roland FP4WH  
Roland FP-5  
Roland FP-5C  
Roland FP-7  
Roland FP-7F  
Roland RD150  
Roland RD-170  
Roland RD-300GX  
Roland RD300NX 761294413340
Roland RD-300SX  
Roland RD-700GX  
Roland RD-700GXF  
Roland RD-700NX 761294413333
Roland RD-700SX  
StudioLogic SL 990XP  
StudioLogic SL880PRO  
StudioLogic SL-990PRO 093018802001
StudioLogic VMK188  
StudioLogic VMK-88+  
Williams ENCORE  
Yamaha CP33 086792840802
Yamaha P120  
Yamaha P120S  
Yamaha P140  
Yamaha P60  
Yamaha P60S  
Yamaha P-70  

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