Lightweight Case for 61 Note Keyboards

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The Gator Rigid EPS Foam Lightweight Case with Wheels for 61 Note Keyboards is constructed of rugged nylon and a polyethylene reinforced interior frame that is lined with Tricot and soft foam.  The built-in wheels, tow handle, and skid bars make transporting this case easy.  The fully adjustable padded straps hold the keyboard securely in place while moving and the large accessory compartments on the outside of the case are great for pedals and cables.

This case is Made in the USA.

The interior dimensions are 43.00 x 17.50 x 6.50 in.

The outside dimensions are 48.62 x 19.49 x 8.86 in.

The product weight is 22.10 lbs.

Manufacturer Model UPC
Access VIRUS TI 61 889406177802
Alesis A6  
Arturia Origin  
Benjamin Adams CK62  
Casio AT3 079767313838
Casio CTK-2000 079767313517
Casio CTK-2100 079767313654
Casio CTK-2100  
Casio CTK-3000 079767313531
Casio CTK-3200 079767314071
Casio CTK4000 079767313548
Casio CTK-4200 079767314002
Casio CTK-496  
Casio CTK5000  
Casio CTK6000 079767313814
Casio CTK-691  
Casio CTK7000 079767313821
Casio CTK710  
Casio CTK800  
Casio CTK810  
Casio CTK900  
Casio LK-200S  
Casio LK-220  
Casio LK-230 079767313661
Casio LK-270  
Casio LK-280 079767314026
Casio LK-300TV  
Casio XW-G1 079767314163
Casio XW-P1 079767314156
CME UF60 877295000585
CME VX 6  
Dave Smith POLY EVOLVER KEYBOARD 855346000869
Ketron Audya 5  
Korg CX3  
Korg i30  
Korg KORG M1  
Korg Kronos 61 4959112081000
Korg M3-61 4959112053922
Korg O1WFD 61  
Korg Pa3X 61 4959112081826
Korg PA50SD 4959112071803
Korg X3  
Kurzweil K2661  
Kurzweil PC361  
Kurzweil PC3K6 883793202918
Kurzweil PC3LE6 883793202420
Nord C2 834035000861
Nord C2 Combo Organ 834035000861
Nord C2D Combo Organ 834035000861
Nord NC1  
Novation Impulse61 815301000426
Roland BK5 761294502037
Roland E09 761294400340
Roland EXR-3  
Roland EXR46-OR  
Roland EXR-5  
Roland FANTOM G6 761294089682
Roland FANTOM X6  
Roland FANTOM XA 61  
Roland GW-7  
Roland GW-8 761294408179
Roland JV30  
Roland V SYNTH  
Roland V SYNTH GT 761294403051
Roland XP-50  
StudioLogic Sledge  
StudioLogic VMK-161+ 093018822009
StudioLogic VMK-161+ORGAN  
Suzuki SP-37  
Suzuki SP-67  
Yamaha DJX 203  
Yamaha EZ200 086792304458
Yamaha EZ220 086792963136
Yamaha MM6 086792858098
Yamaha MO6  
Yamaha MOTIF ES6  
Yamaha MOTIF XF6 086792941806
Yamaha MOTIF XS6  
Yamaha MOTIF6  
Yamaha MOX6 086792950884
Yamaha PSR E423 086792939506
Yamaha PSR-293  
Yamaha PSR-3000  
Yamaha PSR-A2000 086792958019
Yamaha PSR-E203  
Yamaha PSR-E213  
Yamaha PSR-E223  
Yamaha PSR-E233 086792944654
Yamaha PSR-E233 086792944654
Yamaha PSR-E303  
Yamaha PSR-E323  
Yamaha PSR-E333 086792944777
Yamaha PSR-E333 086792944777
Yamaha PSR-E403  
Yamaha PSR-E413  
Yamaha PSR-E423 086792939506
Yamaha PSR-E433 086792964706
Yamaha PSR-OR700  
Yamaha PSR-S500  
Yamaha PSR-S550BK  
Yamaha PSR-S650 086792944586
Yamaha PSR-S700  
Yamaha PSR-S710 086792931784
Yamaha PSR-S900  
Yamaha PSR-S910 086792931753
Yamaha SY77  
Yamaha YPT-200  
Yamaha YPT-220 086792899558
Yamaha YPT-310  
Yamaha YPT-400  

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