Molded Case & Stand for 1X12 Combo Amps

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The Gator Molded Mil-Grade PE Case & Stand with Wheels for 1X12 Combo Amps is constructed with an indestructible roto mold design and rests on heavy-duty 2.5” swivel casters (2 locking).  During use, the amp sits directly and securely on top of the case.

The frame height expands from 16 to 21 inches, the open top design makes it easy to access the amp handle for transport, and two wrap around straps with clips will secure the lid when you move it.

This case is Made in the USA.

The interior dimensions are 23.50 x 12.50 x 21.00 in.

The outside dimensions are 26.50 x 15.50 x 20.00 in.

The product weight is 12.50 lbs.

Manufacturer Model UPC
Ampeg GVT15-112 663961033236
Ampeg GVT15H 663961033274
Ampeg J20  
Ashton MPA100  
Ashton BA50  
Avatar G110  
Avatar G112  
Avatar G210  
B-52 AT112  
Behringer K1800FX 4033653051606
Behringer K900FX 4033653051590
Behringer VT50FX 4033653051811
Behringer ULTRACOUSTIC ACX1800 4033653051781
Behringer ULTRACOUSTIC ACX900 4033653051774
Blackstar HT Studio 20 845644000296
Bogner 1x12 METRO  
Bogner CAB 112O  
Bogner International Barcelona112  
Bogner Metropolis110  
Bogner International Brixton112  
Bogner International New Yorker112  
Bogner International Palermo112  
Bogner International Panama112  
Budda SUPERDRIVE 18 898877000670
Bugera V22 4033653054058
Carlsbro COLT 40  
Carlsbro COLT 85  
Crate GLX50  
Crate GLX65  
Crate GT30  
Crate CA125DG 743565223582
Crate GT65  
Crate GTX65  
Crate V3112  
Crate VFX5112  
Crate VTX65B  
Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr. 1x12  
Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr. 2x10  
Egnater Tweaker-40 112 763815125978
Engl Raider100 889406139114
Fender 65 PRINCETON REVERB 717669637354
Fender Acoustasonic 100 717669998608
Fender Rumble 112Cab  
Fender Rumble 2x8Cab  
Fender 57 AMP LTD  
Fender 57 DELUXE 717669571245
Fender Acoustasonic 150 717669998516
Fender BLONDE HOT ROD DELUXE 885978137190
Fender BLUES DELUXE 717669309985
Fender DELUXE 900  
Fender ECTremolux  
Fender Excelsior 885978151622
Fender FM210R  
Fender HOT ROD DELUXE 717669886332
Fender Mustang III 717669849351
Fender ROC PRO 700  
Fender STAGE 1000 717669268299
Fishman Loud Box 605609105950
Ibanez TBX65R  
Jazzkat TWINKAT 210  
Jet City JCA12S 753182234526
Jet City JCA12S+ 654367525319
Jet City JCA2112RC 753182144023
Jet City JCA2212  
Johnson JM60  
Johnson JT50  
Kustom DE50 701963019817
Kustom Defender V50  
Kustom KXB20 701963024798
Kustom Defender V30  
Kustom KG100FX112 701963024590
Kustom KG210FX 701963023272
Kustom SIENNA 65 701963006565
Line 6 DT25 614252024518
Line 6 LD15 614252006316
Line 6 SPIDER II 112 614252008518
Line 6 SPIDER II 210  
Line 6 SPIDER III 120  
Line 6 SPIDER III 75  
Line 6 Spider IV 75 614252006422
Line 6 Spider Jam 614252003315
Marshall 1912  
Marshall AVT150  
Marshall AVT20X  
Marshall AVT50X  
Marshall AVT-50X  
Marshall B65  
Marshall Class5-01 5030463251522
Marshall Class5C110 5030463264843
Marshall MG101CFX 5030463284278
Marshall MG30CFX 5030463285701
Marshall MG50DFX  
Marshall MHZ112A  
Marshall AS50D 5030463175811
Marshall DSL401  
Marshall MG50CFX 5030463285886
Marshall TSL601  
Mesaboogie EXPRESS 5:25 1x12 COMBO  
Mesaboogie LONE STAR 1x12 COMBO  
Mesaboogie NOMAD 45 112  
Mesaboogie 112 LONESTAR 23  
Mesaboogie 112 WIDE BODY  
Mesaboogie ELECTRA DYNE 1X12 COMBO  
Mesaboogie EXPRESS 5:50 1x12 COMBO  
Mesaboogie M9 Carbine  
Mesaboogie Mark V  
Mesaboogie MKV 1X12 COMBO  
Orange CRUSH CR50BXT 5060117082455
Orange TH30 Combo  
Orange Rocker 30  
Peavey DELTA BLUES 115 014367011883
Peavey DELTA BLUES 210 014367138474
Peavey Ecoustic E208 014367600100
Peavey CLASSIC 30 014367120110
Peavey MAX 112 014367614770
Peavey NASHVILLE 112 014367099621
Peavey STUDIO PRO 112  
Peavey TRANSTUBE 112 EFX  
Peavey TRIPLE XXX 112  
Peavey VALVEKING 112 014367116632
Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 014367140002
Peavey Vypyr30 014367139914
PRS Blue Sierra 1x12  
PRS Dallas 1x12  
PRS Original Sewell 1x12  
Rivera Clubster 25 Doce  
Rivera Chubster 40  
Rivera Clubster Royale 1x12  
Roland KC-350 761294082751
Trace Elliot TA300 014367153576
Traynor DG30D  
Traynor DHX12  
Traynor YCV40  
Traynor YCV40WR  
Traynor YCV50B  
Traynor YCX12  
Traynor YCX12WR  
Vox AC15H1TV LTD  
Vox AC15H1TVL  
Vox AD50VT  
Vox DA20  
Vox V112HTV  
Vox V112NT 4959112071759
Yamaha DG-60  
Yamaha DG-80  

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