ATA Wood Flight Case for Large 'Lunchbox' Style Amplifier Heads

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The Gator ATA Wood Flight Case for Large 'Lunchbox' Style Amplifier Heads is constructed of heavy-duty plywood with a laminated exterior and Gator red, commercial grade hardware and protective ball corners.  The rubber stabilizing feet keep it from vibrating off of the stage while you perform and the lockable twist latches and spring-loaded rubber gripped handles make securing and transporting it a cinch!

The interior has EVA ultra-durable foam protection and is adjustable to fit larger sized "mini" guitar heads like the Blackstar "HT-5RH."

The interior dimensions are 22.00 x 12.00 x 12.00 in.

The outside dimensions are 24.00 x 14.25 x 17.00 in.

The product weight is 16.00 lbs.

Manufacturer Model UPC
Blackstar HT Studio 20H 845644000302
Bogner International Barcelona HEAD  
Bogner Metropolis HEAD  
Crate V30H  
Dr. Z Stang Ray  
Egnater Tweaker-40 Head 763815125961
Fender 63 FENDER REVERB 717669051884
Fender PRINCTON 650  
Galaxy Audio AS-TV8U  
Groove Tubes SFXSSMKII  
Jet City JCA20H 753182144092
Jet City JCA22H 654367525098
Kustom KXB200H 701963023357
Line 6 LOWDOWN HD400  
Marshall Class5HD  
Marshall MHZ15H  
Orange 40TH Anniversary Custom Shop  
Orange AD200B MKIII Head  
Orange AD30HTC Head 5060117080086
Orange OR50H 5060117080857
Orange Rockverb 100 MKII  
Orange Rockverb 50H MKII  
Orange TH100 5060117088709
Orange TH30 Head  
Orange Thunderverb 200w Head 5060117080819
Orange Thunderverb 50w Head 5060117080758
Peavey CLASSIC 30 HEAD  
PRS 2 Channel "C"  
PRS 2 Channel "H" 889406433045
Vox AC15HTVH  
Vox NightTrain50  

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